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Our Team


Sheila Cloudcroft

Owner, Breeder, Business Manager, Photographer

Dedicated to breed preservation. Attempting breed improvement through genetic selection, nutrition, controlled-growth, love, and healthy lifestyle.

Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering, Master of Science Predictive Analytics


Hannah Rogers

Co-Owner, Photographer, Local Transport

Photographing pups growth from birth to 8 weeks. Social media. Local transportation of pups to owners and to vet visits. Supplies acquisition. Advisor.

Bachelor of Science in Biology: Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Biochemistry

About Us

Breeding since 2020

Elgin Meadows Berners is a small kennel in southern Arizona dedicated to Bernese Mountain Dogs. Our mission is to achieve breed improvement, increase life expectancy, and reduce disease probabilities. We attempt this through reading current research, individual dog testing, bloodline choices, nutrition, supplements, and environment.

We begin with pursuit of full advanced health-test screens of each of our breeding dogs. It's the difference between knowing nothing to little from a subjective, non-expert generalist vet and the advanced test (like an electro+echo-cardiogram) performed by a board certified specialist --the ones you go to when an organ/body fails for your pet. Just as with humans, their time is expensive.

Health of puppies begins with the parents. We feed our dogs multi-protein, grain & grain-free kibbles and freeze-dried, organ & raw infused treats and toppers sourced with quality meat from different mammals and fish. We also feed fresh lightly cooked complete meals containing diverse fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, kelp, Alaskan fish oil, natural yogurt, and protein sources (eggs, pork, fish, chicken, turkey, beef, wild game, bone broth, and organs). We invest in our dogs like this because we love them and want them to be healthy, and to ensure conception begins with the best inputs.

If you are looking for a kind and positive puppy who will love you forever, with a touch of athleticism and in some, a sense of humor, our pups will not disappoint.

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